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Our first-of-its-kind safety mirrors for skid loaders.
Works better than anything else on the market.

I-C-Mor mirror

I see more.... for safety
I see more.... for navigation
I see more.... for ease of operation

These 8 1/2" convex powder coated mirrors are designed to fit on both sides of the operator and are fully adjustable.

Can you imagine sitting in your skid loader and actually seeing the ground along side your tires? What about never again having to rise up and look over the lift arms to see your clearance? Did you ever think your could actually be seated on your machine and see BEHIND each tire?

I-C-MOR has made all this possible by introducing its first-of-its-kind safety mirrors for skid loaders. This new product provides a combination of safety and ease of operation not seen before in the skid steer arena. Through the use of two fully adjustable 8.5" convex mirrors, each mounted 3" - 4" inside the tire edge on each side of the operator, a visibility previously unheard of is immediately availabble to any operator.

Iver Peterson of I-C-MOR puts the concept simply, "Can you back up your car or pickup safely without side mirrors?" By applying this simple logic to the operation of a skid steer, he has come up with a winner of a product that is available for nearly any machine in the marketplace today.


Bracketed Mirrors $185.00/pair or $90.00/ea. + S&H $15.00


Universal Mirrors $99.00/pair or $49.50/ea. + S&H $15.00

Iver Peterson
13021 Sunset Trail
Pine City, MN 55063

320-629-3663 Fax


New!Now we offer a universal bracket that permanently attaches to ALL models.

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